Wednesday, December 30, 2015


OK. I built an excel page to be my "app."  I am gonna use Nike plus app also but I am an excel guy.  Its not finished but will get me through the first couple of weeks of 2016. Its pretty primitive, but will be effective.  I will pretty it up once we get back to school!  If interested in having the file, let me know and I will get it to you.

Monday, December 28, 2015

No time part 2

I am a numbers guy.  It just helps give me more perspective on where I am and what I need to do to get the numbers in my favor. 
     🔴52 weeks in 2016 = 19.23 miles a week
     🔴12 months in 2016 = 83.33 miles a month
I plan on getting a calendar (maybe an app) to try and plan ahead. Any good calendar apps or is this something I can try to do on Nike?????

Sunday, December 27, 2015


Here is my plan.....
I know there will be days where I'm just not feeling it, or sick, or swamped or whatever other excuse we want to find. On the good days, where I have more than enough time, feel great, etc. I want to put some money in the mileage bank. 2016 is a leap year so we have 366 days.  If we simply averaged it out, we would need 2.73 miles a day to hit the target 1000. I'm not gonna get that done, but on those days I have to find a way to squeeze in a half a mile or a mile. Here is a chart to help figure time in a treadmill or elliptical as far as using the mph to figure how much time it will take. 
  • 3.0 mph = 20:00 minutes per mile
  • 4.0 mph = 15:00 minutes per mile
  • 4.5 mph = 13:20 minutes per mile
  • 5.0 mph = 12:00 minutes per mile
  • 5.5 mph = 10:55 minutes per mile
  • 6.0 mph = 10:00 minutes per mile
  • 6.5 mph = 9:14 minutes per mile
  • 7.0 mph = 8:34 minutes per mile
I'm not a blazer on the treadmill. I like to wak at 3.0 and use the incline function to get to get around 7.5-10 degrees to increase the heart rate. I'm gonna have to push myself to get to 6.0 mph to squeeze in those extra miles on "those days."
     We can do this! I have never ever been the cardio king but I feel like this is something I need to do to get me headed in the right direction. This will be far from PROFESSIONAL help in the world of fitness.  It will be more of an "ideas & tips" not a "you should be doing this" kinda deal.  I am not trying to set the world on fire with weight training, dieting, etc.  It may get to that but not right now.  Right now I needed a goal. Something I can see everyday.  It is not something that will be easy for me, but something that I have an INTEREST in doing and would like others to take the steps of going down this path of 1000 MILES of CARDIO in the calendar year 2016!
     Now before we get started let me share this.  I am an advisor and independent distributor of Advocare nutrition products.  This is not the place to share Advocare, Thrive, Level, GNC, or whatever else. You know I use it, you know I sell it, you know I make a little change on the side.  If you want to discuss it, hit me up on facebook, twitter, email, cell and we can get that done but please not here!
     Here is my first question.......
I am an Apple guy. Ipad/Iphone.  I have never looked for or used a fitness app.  Anybody have any experience with any. There has to be an easy way to keep up with our 1000 miles!!!!!!