Friday, January 1, 2016

things that help me mentally through the grind......

     I need help getting through workouts mentally.  I'm not really a workout partner kinda guy. When I go to Nautilus, I put on my headphones and duck my head and try to get in and get out.  I don't want people talking to me and I don't want to talk to anybody.  I know the social factor is part of being at "the gym" but I just really don't want to bother others during their workout time, nor me.  So....getting through the workouts....I need my phone and headphones.  I got some wireless buds for Christmas last year, then I bought a pair of the Beats by Dre style (i'm too cheap for the real thing) stereo looking style wireless headphones.  I use them both.  Sometimes I have a hard time keeping the buds in my ears, and while lifting I have a hard time keeping the big ones on top of my head.  I just found another pair of wireless buds at Office Depot this morning for $16so I now have 3 pair.  I love the wireless, just have to remember to charge them every now and then.
     I have the iphone 6 plus as my phone.  I haven't done much true road work for mileage but plan on doing some so I needed an arm band for this behemoth phone.  Found one at Academy.  The phone is too big to carry around in my pocket. 
     I signed up for Amazon prime earlier this year.  If you are an online shopper, its a must.  It also has some other really cool tools. The Amazon music and video functions are great.  The music is commercial free and has a bit of everything.  The video is Netflix-style.  They help me on the grind.  I also use youtube quite a bit.  I like watching past Advocare success school rising stars and football videos.  For you coaches, HUDL just added a new tool in the menu called PERFORMANCE CENTER that has some good videos that are very informational.  What do you guys use to help you get through the workout???

Office depot wireless buds
Amazon Prime
Youtube - Advocare Rising Stars
HUDL - Performance Center
Youtube - coaching